See how you can use Romku. In this page, you’ll see examples of checklist. Many of them can used as a template so you do not have to start from scratch.

1 - Billing

To track recurring billing or one-off payments to make by specific dates

2 - Reading List

Track your reading book and import book list from others.

3 - Car

Yearly MOT or Road Tax, Insurance renewal, Brakes or Tyres Replacement Reminder. Track the repairs you do on your car.

4 - Gift List

Make sure you don’t miss anyone when buying Christmas gifts for your family. Share with your friends your wish list.

5 - Organising Event

If you organise a conference or event, track all the tasks required, from ordering badges and food, to sending invitation and printing schedule. 

6 - Gardening

Ensure you plant those bulbs before Winter or prune that tree at the right time or turn off the water before the Winter cold

7 - Shopping

Manage your weekly grocery shopping or your wish list

8- House

Keep track of all those recurring chores that are easy to do regularly. From checking the smoke alarm once a week to sweeping the chimney once a year and from cleaning the gutter to returning books to the library.  

9 - Party

Organise a party with your friends and make sure all tasks are tracked. Who’s bringing the ice cube? Any one volunteering to be DJ?

10 - Job

Planning to change Job. Make sure you follow up on your applications and keep all the info

11 - Education

Follow a course

12 - Movie

13 - Moving House

Moving House can be a logistic nightmare. With a dedicated checklist for all the items you need to do.

14 - Music

15 - Cookery

16 - Sport

17 - Travelling

18 - Wedding

19 - Workout

20 - Day Out